You Want To Create

“Negative emotion is not a bad thing.

It’s a good thing because it’s an indicator of where you are.

How do you know where you are if you do not have some frame of reference between where you are and where you want to be ?

That’s where your creative work is.

And when your dominant intention is to feel the relief of resistance, you will be home free.

You are creative genius.

You didn’t come forth to watch someone else create.

You didn’t come forth into an environment that was all perfect so you could just sit there and say …

“Well isn’t this lovely !”



Which means you want to think.

You want to think about what you don’t want so you can think about what you do want.

And you want to know the difference in how they feel.

You’ll get there.

You can’t not get there.

And meanwhile in time, you’ll get so good at this that you won’t care where you are on the way.”

– Abraham Hicks   ❤️  

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*Image for free by Christel on Pixabay*

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