A Movie For The Mind

Did you know that according to a recent study the average American spends 5 hours and 4 minutes per day watching television ? That’s an awful lot of time. Imagine the simple differences in our lives if we used that time differently. To focus on positive things. Things we actually want to create in our lives. … Read more

The Manifestation WILL Follow

“We just want to convince you of the satisfaction of flowing the energy. Yes! the manifestation WILL follow. But if the manifestation is secondary and the flowing of the energy is primary to you, then the joy level is gonna go through the roof. The manifestations will follow along naturally. You will feel more up to speed with … Read more

Make Your Goals Easier To Achieve

The problem we sometimes have with achieving goals is that our end result seems so big and far away that we can get overwhelmed and lose hope. But what if all we had to do was commit to one single step at a time, rather than trying to achieve our goals all in one go. In this … Read more