How You Really Feel About You

“Without your perspective, Universal expansion would not be. It’s time for you to take credit for the important part you play, and yield the good stuff to yourself by virtue of your own self-appreciation. If we were standing in your physical shoes, a day would not go by that we would not make a list … Read more

The Leverage of Ease

“We want you to put the word ease, easy, in one of your good piles. Because there are a lot of people who believe that ease means lazy. And we want you to know that …. Ease means leverage. Ease means alignment. Ease means lining up with the power, energy and resources of who you … Read more

Return To Your Power

“A human being is part of a whole called by us “Universe.” – Albert Einstein  Did you know that Einstein was actually one of our first law of attraction teachers ? He was the first to document what he called “The Observer Effect.” Which basically states that you… the Observer… are ONE… with the Observed. … Read more

Your Abundance Flow

“Are you afraid of your point of attraction? We are asking you. Are you? Are you afraid to stand out too much? Prosperity is going to be yours! Can you deal with it? And everybody in the world isn’t gonna be prosperous, like you are. YOU are! Are you gonna be alright with that? Or … Read more

Just Be Easy About This

“You’ve got to do the work. This is the thing that we are saying on a pretty regular basis to everyone. You can’t keep thinking the same things, and speaking the same things, and doing the same things, and have any vibrational improvement. You’ve got to insist on vibrational improvement, and the only way you … Read more