ALLOW Things to Happen

“Every time you feel like you should make something happen…just replace it with: ‘Oh, what I really want to do, is just allow things to happen.’ And then enhance it even further: ‘At their own pace. In their own time. Right on the schedule that has been laid out. With nothing to do with me. … Read more

Don’t Lose Hope

“Discouragement can creep in secretly, and tell you life is not worth living. If you listen at discouragement, you will wonder if you’re ever going to get out of what you’re into. There are moments that try the human soul, so violently and so perplexit that if the truth were told, all of us have … Read more

Relax and Chill Out

“It is our desire that what you have gathered from this above all other things is: It is time for me to just relax and chill out and let the wellbeing that is natural to me play a bigger part in my life. You are magnificent beings who are powerful in your creating… And friends…YOU … Read more

How to kickstart success with one simple exercise

“It all started off with taking responsibility, no blame, no shame, no guilt, no justification, no embarrassment. Taking responsibility for my piece of that story and getting clear on exactly what i wanted to achieve. And because I didn’t want to recreate that story, I became something different.” Check out the short 5 minute video … Read more

It’s All About How I FEEL

“I can feel, that it isn´t about what I DO. It´s all about how I FEEL. And my life recently has shown me, that if I try too hard, I go off, in a crazy direction! And that- all along, it has been in the lack of trying. And any time, I, myself, or anyone … Read more

Oprah Tells How She Used “The Secret”

One of our favourite law of attraction videos. Oprah tells Larry King on CNN how she used the principles in “The Secret” to get her big break in The Color Purple. Give Us 60 Minutes and We’ll Show You How Using The Law of Attraction to Combine Spirituality and Self-Image with Science Leads to Greater … Read more

Your Worthiness

“We don´t know of any better way, any more EFFICIENT way, we don´t know of a FASTER way for you to finally accept your worthiness, than for you to line up and let some good stuff in, and line up and let some more good stuff in, and line up and let some more good … Read more

The Stream

“Imagine taking your canoe down to the rivers edge, a very nice fast moving stream and your oars or paddles are already attached to your boat, and you put it in the water and your deliberately turn it upstream and begin paddling very hard, against this fast moving current. And we say…… “Why not just turn … Read more