If You Can Do This, You Can Do Anything

“You’re going to come to know that there is nothing that you cannot be or do or have. But friends. we really want you to hear us when we say….. You don’t want to be it or do it or have it all at once. Lighten up. And relax. And be easy. And have fun. … Read more

Allow Yourself To Receive

“Eventually, everything that you want will get to you. The question is  ….. “How long is it going to take for you to just chill out and start expecting good things to come.”  – Abraham Hicks   ❤️    P.S. If you’d like some help in allowing manifestations rather than struggling and straining to create them check out the video from our … Read more

Free Manifestation Quiz

“We would like you to begin regarding manifestation as what’s happening with you in the moment. What you’re living in any moment, is a manifestation. Manifestations, surrounding you. The people you meet – manifestations. The way they play with you or not – manifestations. The way you feel as you move through your day – … Read more

Take Control Of Your Vibration

“You’ve got to take control of your vibration unconditionally. Unconditional creating, unconditional vibration. “I feel good !” Why do you feel good? You’re losing the game. “I feel good because I wanna feel good. And whether I win or lose does not control the way I feel. It’s the emotion, that I’m in control of.” … Read more

Destiny Miracle

“Desire in the absence of resistance accomplishes what you want to call miracles. We want to call it desire, in the absence of resistance.” – Abraham Hicks      What if we went into today expecting things to be different ? What if we went in expecting what some would call “miracles” ? What if … Read more

How To Feel Good

“The subject here is the subject of momentum. And we like determination, but we want your determination to be focused on the determination to find the best feeling thoughts. And if you find yourself working too hard at it then it’s not really a good exercise. So the easiest thing to get momentum going is … Read more

Join Us On The Brain-A-Thon

This Saturday, New York Times best selling author and one of the stars of The Secret John Assaraf will be joined by 6 other law of attraction and brain experts ( such as Lisa Nichols and Jack Canfield ) to reveal the most powerful new techniques to let go of limiting beliefs, fears, or self-esteem issues … Read more