Set Your Tuner

“You are figuring out, a little more every day, from what point of attraction did you set your tuner ? “Who set my tuner ? Somebody who’s mad at me , and now my knee jerk response to them, is that how I set my tuner today ? Well this is going to be one … Read more

Your Work Is To Let In What’s Already Done

“When you say “It’s possible” what you’re actually saying is “I know it could be but it isn’t.” That’s the underlying vibration that’s going on. We want you to take the stance that it is done. It’s done. It’s all right to say “It’ s done and it hasn’t yet materialised” but it’s not all … Read more

Path Of Least Resistance

Why take the Path of Least Resistance ? Because it’s the only choice you have. Your Inner Being knows what is the Path of Least Resistance so you’ve got to give yourself yourself permission to take that Path of Least Resistance and most of you don’t want to do that because then you define yourself … Read more

How Far Am I ?

“When you say “How far am I from what I want ?” We say “It isn’t about distance and it isn’t about time either, it’s about vibration.” And if it’s about vibration then the only way you can translate it into anything relative means it’s about emotion. So how far you are from anything means … Read more

The Millionaire’s Brain

“Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating, you are planning… What are you planning?”   – Abraham Hicks   ❤️  ✅ What if we could “rewire” our brains for success by simply watching 90 second “movie preview” type videos ? That’s what our buddy Winter Vee did … Read more

Start Looking Forward

“You have to look forward. You have to begin to tell the story, no matter what the subject is, on where you’re going not where you are. On where you’re going, not where you’ve been. Because the larger part of you has already gone and every negative emotion that you feel is because you’re stuck … Read more

Don’t Take It So Seriously

“We just said to you ….. “Don’t take the biggest issue and try to make that one work.” Choose things that are easier. And just try to become light hearted about things. Look at things that are easier. Don’t take life so seriously. And don’t watch television ( Lol ).”   – Abraham Hicks   ❤️  Check out the … Read more

Going General Is Powerful

“If it’s something that you really have  a hard time setting aside, and things that you really want are often like that … You have to find a way of just being general about it. Speaking about it in the most general sense will soften your resistance about it. So make lists of the things … Read more

Let it Be Vibrational

“Let it be a vibrational exercise first. And then watch the way it begins to manifest. If you take action before you have really come to own the vibration then the action is harder. If you can find the vibration of it then the Universe will deliver to you the results that you want without … Read more

Expect Miracles

What if we went into 2024 expecting things to be different ? What if we went in expecting what some would call “miracles” ? What if we went in with brand new expectations and confidence ?  Check out this video from our friend Heather Matthews at Destiny Miracle. In it she will tell you about … Read more