Put Your Focus Only On This

“Let the control that you seek, Or let the control that you attempt to offer, Let it only be about controlling your own positive expectation. And if you will work on controlling your own positive expectation then you control your point of attraction. And then the entire Universe is a co-operative component for you.”  – Abraham … Read more

How To Find The Frequency Of Unlimited Abundance

“Do you understand that everything has a vibrational frequency ? Do you understand that your manifestations that will, soon manifest have vibrational frequencies ? And that if, before it manifests, you achieve vibrational harmony with the frequency of it, then it comes to you faster. Do you understand that abundance has a vibrational frequency ? … Read more

How Do You Get The Missing Piece ?

“How you get the missing piece is by not focusing on the piece that’s missing. How you get the missing piece is by focusing on the pieces that aren’t missing. Or how you get the missing specific piece is by focusing on other aspects of your life that give you that same feeling of satisfaction.”  – Abraham … Read more

Remember These Three Things

“Above all other things it is our desire that you take away from this gathering these three things : The Vortex is a reality. I have easy access to it. I am practising my way into it all day every day. And as you make those three simple observations and apply just a small amount … Read more

10 Minutes To Feel Good

“All you have to do is find some reason, takes 10 minutes, to feel good. And as you find that reason to feel good now you are in a vibrational frequency that allows the translation or the revelation of everything that you’re asking for.”  – Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌎 ❤️ 💫  Check out the powerful quick video below from … Read more