Nothing Is More Important

There are many who would say …..  “I thought we were creating empires? I thought we were creating movements? I thought we were creating big things? I thought we were creating more important things?”? And we say, nothing is more important than the manifested reflection of the genius, and the power, and the clarity, and … Read more

If You Can Dream It

“Why would you participate or be a participant in the physical world who participates predominately in the can’t do’s ?! In the not possibilities ? “It’s not possible.” Why do you say that ? “Because it’s never been done.” And that’s your reason ? Because it’s never been done. That’s your reason ? That’s ridiculous. … Read more

There Is No Luck Involved

“So you follow the impulse and run right into the rendezvous. That’s how it happens. Now later, after the fact when you tell those stories you say …. “Oh man what a lucky thing happened to me.” And we say …. “There’s no luck involved, there’s just different degrees of allowing the Universe to lead … Read more

Your Vibrational Currency

“We want you to think about the vibrational currency that you all have and have access to. We want you to spend vibrational currency not money. Now stay with us because it feels tricky. It is a trick. But it will serve you really, really well. There is this vibrational currency, a vibrational currency that … Read more

Your Positive Expectation

“We do know that you want to help the world be a wonderful place. And it’s interesting, the more wonderful your life is, the more you desire that for everyone else as well. You can not vibrate for another because you cannot think for another, but you can influence others by the clarity of your … Read more

The Real Secret To Being Happy

“You have to look forward. You have to begin to tell the story, no matter what the subject is, on where you are going, not where you are. On where you’re going not where you’ve been. We want you to be interested in where you’re going, because the larger part of you has already gone … Read more

Things Will Magically Fall Into Place

“Once you begin to accept that everything in this Universe is vibrational and is ordered by this law of attraction, once you begin to understand that and you begin to think and feel deliberately ….. Now you can take a small idea, almost as soon as it occurs to you, and you can foster it, … Read more

The Facts Will Change

“We encourage you to let it be a mood building experience rather than a thought directing experience. It will be easier to do that. So if you get to the heart of what you want and why you want it, and focus upon the why of it rather than the specifics of it, you’re more … Read more