Finding Your Life’s Purpose

How do you find your life’s purpose ? What if you have no idea or even know where to begin ? “The Secret’s” John Assaraf shares his method and how he teaches his clients and friends to do it. “A lot of times we get caught up in seeing what other people’s life purpose is and … Read more

You Are Creating YOU

“Do you understand, that what you are creating, is YOU? So you creating A MORE PROSPEROUS YOU! You are not creating MONEY. You are creating a more prosperous YOU! You are creating a more abundant you. You are creating a you, with greater ease. You are creating a you, with greater opportunity. You are creating … Read more

Why You Should Visualize Your Success

Have You Ever Wondered Why Most Highly Successful People Visualize Their Success In Advance….And Even The Obstacles That May Get In Their Way ? “The Secret’s” John Assaraf shares the latest brain science research that shows how, with just 3-5 minutes a day of focus and visualization, we can get our creative cells working for … Read more

Joy IS The Journey

“Joy is the journey. Where the you that is energy meets the you that is physical and energy. The comfort in your skin is an indication of how well that alignment is doing. So when you have moment of appreciation, you are so aligned. So when you have moments of appreciation, you are so aligned, … Read more

You Are Enough

Legendary transformational hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer, shares three powerful words that have literally changed the lives of thousands. Her past clients include Royalty, Olympic Athletes, Hollywood A-Listers and CEOs of huge companies, but her vision isn’t exclusive to the celebrities. According to Marisa, named the Best British Therapist by Tatler and Men’s Health magazines, all our … Read more

Find “The Essence Of It”

“We are not trying to distract you from the real-life-stuff! We’re not trying to get you to not want the car or the tactile things. Or the lover, or the touch. We’re not wanting to take you away from that, because, in fact – THIS is the leading edge of all of that manifestation! This WONDERFUL … Read more

Awesome Abundance Meditation

Check out this awesome abundance meditation from “The Secret’s” Bob Proctor. Bob is one of the most sought-after leaders in the world today in professional coaching and business seminars. He has taught thousands of people worldwide on how to shift their consciousness in order to create fulfilling relationships, successful careers and financial stability. It’s perfect … Read more

Why spiritually + science = wealth and success (new free training)

Give us 60 Minutes and We’ll Show You How Using The Law of Attraction To Combine Spirituality and Self-Image with Science Leads to Greater Wealth and Success. Check out this all new Masterclass hosted by The Secret’s John Assaraf. It’s 100% free and the best part about this training is that it’s “on-demand” so you can watch it right … Read more