Plug In

“We’ve been saying to you all for quite a while that there is not enough action in the world to compensate for misalignment. And yet most of you are ready to get up and offer the action rather than take time to meditate for 15 minutes every day. We want to get your attention because … Read more

Can You Be Satisfied ?

“Can you be satisfied ? Satisfied. Satisfied because not satisfied in spite of. There’s a difference. Satisfied because of these things. Satisfied. For this reason and this reason. And as momentum picks up on those things that you’re satisfied about then all kinds of things come into place. Because there is nothing that you cannot … Read more

The Certainty Of Well-Being

“If you really understood this vibrational reality as we do, you would do nothing other than try and release negative thought and get feeling good. That’s what you’d be doing all day every day. Someone would say “Want to watch the news” and you’d say “No way.” You would care so much, if you even … Read more

It’s Ready To Burst

“Can you acknowledge that you don’t need something to be specifically in the moment of appreciating to feel appreciation. You can actually feel it before it comes. That’s the key. You don’t need a motive to appreciate. And in not looking, not having an ulterior motive, in just getting there, then the world is your … Read more

Just For 2 Days

“Your reality is the platform you bounce off of. But if you let it be what you are giving your undivided attention to, your reality will hold you apart from your motion forward. You have to find a way to put reality where it belongs which is past tense, old news. What’s already manifested isn’t … Read more

Trust The Process

“We don’t want to be flippant about it, but try less. Which requires a conscious trusting that the process works. And that your life has put it there. And that it’s real and that it’s big, and it’s becoming. And that it’s yours. And that it’s not going anywhere. It’s not going to get away … Read more

The Fastest Path

“What’s the fastest path right here, right now to my happiness ? What is going to lead me to happiness that’s close to where I am that I might recognise ?” If you’re in anger, less anger is the path. If you’re in less anger, less anger is the path. Until pretty soon frustration is … Read more

You Are In Charge

“There is no magic formula, you just have to do the work. And the work is …. Pay attention to how I feel and if I don’t feel good, take my attention away from whatever it is that isn’t feeling good. You’ve got to decide. You’ve got to decide how your life MOSTLY goes. There … Read more

Accept Your Worthiness

“Can you answer these affirmatively …. ? “Everything is always working out for me. The source within me knows who I am and what I want. I sustain a pretty steady level of alignment. It’s logical that things are working out for me. I don’t need to question why things are happening because they are … Read more

It Can Happen Quickly

“99% of every creation is complete vibrationally before you see any manifestational evidence of it. So this is a wonderful thing to keep in your mind because every moment you’re offering a vibration that is causing you to lean one way or the other. And since 99% of every creation is complete before you see … Read more