Is Your Business Easy & Fun ?

“If your business is easy and fun then you’ve got the spiritual side down so don’t worry about it. If you say, I have found something, and when I focus upon it it thrills me and calls me forward,then you have intuitively listened to your guidance and you’re right on track.” – Abraham Hicks   Check … Read more

Merry Christmas

“The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of love and of generosity and of goodness. It illuminates the picture window of the soul, and we look out upon the world’s busy life and become more interested in people than in things.” – Thomas S. Monson Merry Christmas from all of us here at the secret … Read more

What Are You Activating ?

“Everything that you activate in your vibration becomes a truth. You can make poverty true. You can make abundance true. You can choose anything and give it your attention and make it truth. We say, a novel approach would be to pick things you like and make those true. But before you’re going to be … Read more

About Freedom

“Everyone doesn’t have to be the same. Most say,”Well, it’s so much easier if we’re all the same.” And we say, it is not easier when you’re all the same, conformity is the thing that thwarts you most. That massive wanting to get you to conform…. To all think the same way and want the … Read more

Pay Attention

“Pay attention to what´s going on, around you. Source is using every conceivable, possible messenger to confirm and accentuate things, that are important to you. You keep thinking that the Universe is just now wising up and starting to give you better paths. The paths have been there all along! You’re just now in the … Read more

You Are A Creator

“If you’ve taken the time to conjure the emotional manifestation in that TEN MINUTES that we’re talking about, and you allow this coupling, this blending, this complete merging with this powerful point of attraction…. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to you that the details are going to fill in for you and FILL IN FOR YOU FAST. Because you … Read more