Dr Joe Vitale Manifestation Guide

“You are not your thoughts. You are separate from your thoughts.  And this is massive, earth shaking news if somebody is hearing it for the very first time. These thoughts that we are having. We are having them. We are not them.” – Dr Joe Vitale  🌏  ❤️ 💫  🙏  Check out the full video below from … Read more

5 Minutes to Reprogram Your Mind

“Most people don’t realise that they are listening to themselves say negative things about 70,000 times a day. There are some research studies that show it’s higher than that. And the other thing that’s more startling is they’re mostly repetition. They’re the same thoughts. They’re things like…. “I’m not good enough.” “It’s not gonna work … Read more

The Secret Mirror

 “It’s really important that you feel good. Because this feeling good is what goes out as a signal into the universe and starts to attract more of itself to you. So the more you can feel good, the more you will attract the things that help you feel good and that will keep bringing you … Read more

You Are The Michelangelo Of Your Own Life

 “You are the Michelangelo of your own life.” – Dr. Joe Vitale “The Secret.” Just a quick video today to remind you of your own magnificence . As Joe says in the clip from The Secret below. “You are the masterpiece of your own life. The David you are sculpting is you. And you do … Read more