There Is A Big Mix Out There

“There is a big mix out there, and there’s lots of different things going on, and there is not one way that was intended to be the right way. Just like there’s not one color or one flower or one vegetable or one fingerprint. There is not one, that is to be the right one … Read more

You Have The Ability

“You have the ability to cash peace upon this earth. You have the ability to help those not eating find food. You have the ability to help your planet in all ways you have been currently worrying about. You have the ability to those who feel insecure to find their feelings of more security. You … Read more

You Must Follow Those Rockets

“If you have the ability to desire it, the Universe has the ability to deliver it. You’ve just got to line up with what you want, which means, be as happy as you can be, as often as you can be there, and let everything else take care of itself. As each of you lives … Read more

7 Free Chakra Healing and Tuning Downloads

Got something pretty cool for you today from our friends at Personal Development Life. 7 free chakra healing and tuning downloads designed to help clean and balance your bodies energy centres. They have synthesized each chakra vibration in their laboratory and recorded them. This stimulation will clear any blockages in that particular chakra allowing energy … Read more