Reset Yourself

“Strong situations cause stronger asking. And stronger asking brings in stronger non-physical resources. If we were standing in your physical shoes we would do what water does when it seeks it’s level. Water will always find it’s path of least resistance. You’ve got to reset yourself. You’ve got to reset yourself so that something can … Read more

The Amazing You

“We want you to remember and, maybe, re-discover the very important role you play, in this leading-edge-translation-of all-that-is!!! YOU are a living, breathing extension of that, and ALL of that is flowing to you, for the fulfillment of that ! Source and you are ONE AND THE SAME! And if it where not for the … Read more

Watch Magic Follow You

“There is a leverage in aligned energy that defies any leverage you’ve ever discovered through action. When you take the time to get into the vortex you smooth out the bumps in your experience that you spend a lot of time stepping over. There is so much leverage in alignment. And when you discover that … Read more