Be Limitless

Do you remember the movie Limitless ? In the film, Edward Morra (played by Bradley Cooper), takes a powerful research pill known as NZT-48… And it suddenly unlocks the true potential of his brain. Perfect recall. Surges in creativity. Incredible analytical skills. Productivity like never before.His whole world upgrades… in MINUTES. Pretty awesome. Well I’d like … Read more

When Manifesting Feels Hard

“You’re leveraging yourself in more efficient ways by utilizing the vibrations of the Universe instead of bucking the current. When you get in sync with the energy it takes very little action. But so many of you don’t get in sync with the energy and you use your words and your action and you fight … Read more

Be Done With Fear

“If this fear means that my thought is not accurate, what thought must be accurate ? “Oh…’s gonna be all right.” “Things are working out for me.” Don’t you like mastering things ? Don’t you like being good ? Don’t you like the feeling of clarity ? Don’t you like knowing that source has your … Read more

The Amazing Power Of Tea

“The less processed your food is, the less resistance it holds. When you get tuned in to this high frequency, this pure positive energy, you’ll be inspired through your path of least resistance. You’ll be inspired to the food—through the path of least resistance—that will benefit you most. So it really is a matter of … Read more

Things Are Always Working Out

“Things are always working out for me. Things are always working out for me. That’s an affirmation worth making. Things are always working out for me. If that statement’s too strong then say ….. “Things often work out for me.” “I’m often aware that things are always working out for me.” “I like it when … Read more

Do We Have An Internal “Wealth DNA”?

“The attraction of money has nothing to do with your ability to earn it. It has only to do with your wanting and believing of your worthiness to receive it. You don’t even have to talk about prosperity. You just have to stop talking about lack of it.” – Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫   I’m sure you’ve heard … Read more