The Emotion Comes Before The Solution

“When something unwanted manifests you all want to jump in with both feet to fix it with action. But you didn’t create it with action, you created it with vibration. You don’t have to take the action, you can deal with it vibrationally. So let’s do some doors …  So “All in good time”. Next … Read more

Powerful Frequency

A pretty cool frequency below to help you with just about anything. We like these kind of meditations as you don’t have to sit quietly and do meditation in the traditional way listening to this, although you can of course. You can have it on in the background as you go about your day and … Read more

How Do You Prefer To Feel ?

“So how is that you prefer to feel ? ……  “I prefer to feel open, and eager, and interested, and curious, and fascinated. And thrilled, and resilient, and flexible, and dynamic. And stable, and sure, and fun, and funny, and full.” Use words. Use words that entice those feelings from you. So here you are … Read more

Let It Flow

“You can take shortcuts right to all kinds of Abundance and satisfying moments, if you could just capture the essence, or the feeling of what satisfaction feels like. Just be satisfied, and the Universe will yield to you all things, that match that. Oh, we want so much for you to get a sense of … Read more

When You Appreciate

“If you would spend just a little bit of time over the next few days just making lists of things that you appreciate from right where you stand, you would shore up a grid that would begin to fill in immediately. But if you do it because you want the grid to fill in rather … Read more

Be Solid

“When you’re solid in your vibration, no-one can program you. When you know your wellbeing, people can bring you all kinds of facts and figures about things that are happening around the world, and it does not jolt you from your place of knowing. So if you think about what you are deliberately practising, musing, … Read more

The Power Of Three Words

“Repeating these three words with conviction and belief can open the doors to wealth and prosperity. Their power and resonance is beyond measure.”   Check out the video below about the three powerful words discovered by Eric Butterworth to allow prosperity and abundance into your life. Eric authored 16 books including The Universe is Calling, … Read more

Your Source

“Some people have said to us ….  “Abraham, we don’t hear you talk that much about God.” And we say … “Really we don’t talk about anything else.” But we don’t talk about it in the vernacular that you have been talking about it because your vernacular has usually been separating you from it, and … Read more

There Is Enough

“There is enough abundance for EVERYONE! It’s a big enough place – we’re not just talking about the Universe – we’re talking about life experience on Planet Earth. It’s big enough for everybody to get what they want without stepping on anybody else’s toes. You don’t know that (we love you so much) because you’ve … Read more