Merry Christmas

“A very long time ago, in a city very far removed from this city where you are living, a very small baby was born, under what most would term adverse conditions.  From our perspective, it did not matter the conditions of the birth, the physical surroundings or even the attitudes of those who surrounded, for, … Read more

“Wearable Wellness” Technologies

Every day our bodies are challenged with environmental factors such as toxins from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe… On top of all these toxins, our bodies deal with harmful radiation thru the electronic devices we rely upon every day such as our Cell Phones, WiFi’s, Computer Screens, … Read more

Jim Carrey’s Magic Check

I’m sure you’ve heard Jim Carrey’s famous “magic check” law of attraction story that he told on Oprah. If you’ve never watched it check it out below. Well our friends at UMM have put together something pretty cool to help you with your manifesting before christmas. It takes the magic check concept and adds to … Read more

The Easiest Thing To Do

“This decision to just appreciate everywhere I go and everyone I see and everything I see, and everything I do, about me or about others, must surely be not only the easiest thing that I’ve ever done, but the most progressive thing I’ve ever done, the most productive thing I’ve ever done, and the most … Read more