Be Positive Minded

“You don’t have to be locked on 100 % or 90 % or 80 % or 70 %.

Do you know if you are locked on 51 % and locked off 49 %, things are manifesting in your experience ?

Imagine what 60 % locked on would yield to you.

Get up to that and they’ll call you amazing.

Get locked on 70 % of the time, they’ll expect you to walk on water.

Far less effort. Enormous leeway.

You cannot get it wrong, but you can hold yourself vibrationally apart from the things that you have identified that you want.”  – Abraham Hicks  🙏 ✅ 🌏 💫


Sometimes we feel that we have to be locked on to feeling good all of the time or things will just not work out for us.

And if we can’t do that all the time ( which we can’t, none of us are perfect and all have our good and bad days ) we beat up on ourselves and think we are failing.

When in reality all we need to do is just lean a little more at a time in the direction of feeling good.

51% of the time is enough to really get things moving.

And with a little intention we can all do that.

Here is another awesome “meditation” from our friends at Awakening Planet designed to clear out negativity and naturally raise our frequency.

You don’t have to sit and “meditate” with these just have them on in your house while you’re going about your chores or cooking etc..( we have them on while we’re working ) especially if you have a smart tv.

You won’t believe the difference from just having them on in the background.

Just press play and you’ll find yourself naturally feeling more positive minded.








*Image by Patrice Audet on Pixabay*


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