Don’t Overthink It

“There is a tendency to -just flat out- overthink all of this.

If  you just could sit in a comfortable place and just watch the waves washing in and out.

And in your quiet observation of the evidence of wellbeing that beautiful scene WOULD tune you – if you stay there long enough to allow it – to tune to the very vibration of wellbeing.

That would tune you to the frequency of wellbeing.

And THAT really is the emphasis that we are wanting to give you in response to all of this.

If you would just leave here deciding that you want to feel good – and by feeling good – it might be peaceful.

It might be excited.

By good – it might be clear minded.

You get to decide by the moment what it is.

But IF you will just chill out and just- sit still.

And just quiet your mind more.

And then consciously acknowledge the good feeling that you have as the resistance lifts off of you.

And you do a little bit of that every day – that´s why so many teachers teach meditation.

We would rather see you in a state of appreciation than a state of meditation.

But whether you call it appreciation or meditation or contemplation – just find soft, gentle, good feeling things and spend more time thinking about them!” Abraham Hicks

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