Reach For Satisfaction

“Here’s the thing that we really want you to hear.

Most would say …….”Well until what I want manifests then I won’t believe it.”

And we say ….

“You’ve got to have some faith and trust in the process.”

And so we’re asking you not to try and feel certainty about it, and not to need it to manifest because that’s what gooses up the distrust because reality is confirming that you shouldn’t believe it because it hasn’t happened yet.

We’re asking you not to look for trust or belief because that might be over here closer to the manifestation.

We’re asking you to feel satisfied in the thought.

So if you’re looking for the satisfaction of the thought, not power to create it right now, in my experience right now.

So just feel the satisfaction and in time that satisfaction will turn to trust.

So if you find satisfaction, satisfaction can turn to more satisfaction and more and more and then it can turn to trust and then it can come to belief and then it can turn to knowing and then it turns to reality.

The full blown, manifested in every way where you can translate it with all of your physical senses and so can others.

But in the beginning, just ask for satisfaction.

Not proof, not evidence, not speed, not momentum, just satisfaction ….

“Ooh that thought felt good.”

“OOh that thought feels good.”

“That feels good.”

“That is such a satisfying thought.”

Doesn’t matter where you are, doesn’t matter what’s happening, when you get in that satisfaction mode, and we’re making it sound like it’s just little things, but it’s all things.

It is as easy to create a castle as a button. And it is as satisfying to create a button as a castle. If you really need a button.”

 – Abraham Hicks   ❤️  

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