The Power of Telling a “New” Story

“Telling the new story is not the easiest thing to do the first crack out of the box, in other words it’s something you have to sort of warm up to.

But if you leave here with a determination to begin telling the story of your life on every subject as you want it to be rather than as it is, and you begin to notice the instant, benevolent, cooperative response of the Universe to your story, you will, in very short order, be one who is willing to let bygones be bygones, and ex-partners be ex-partners, and grudges and mistakes of others and your own, you’ll be willing to let complaints and ill wishes, and bad blood and injustice and bad behavior of all manner, you will begin to let it go, as you tell the new story.

You will purify your vibration of the stuff you don’t like, you didn’t like, you never liked, and you will replace it with the things you do like, you do appreciate and you do want.

And with far less trouble than you think, with far less time and effort than you think, you’ll begin to offer a vibration that will net you evidence, and that evidence is nothing more than the indication of the improved story you are telling.”  – Abraham Hicks


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