The Real YOU

“The way you make your path undeniable is by feeling for it on an emotional basis more than thinking for it.

You are where you are.

You can be hopeful or you can be fearful.

So when you separate the reality of what is happening from your mood or attitude about it, now you begin to deal with things vibrationally, which is the basis of all things.

You have to find a way of feeling better or you cannot move over there.

You have to conjure the better feeling.

You guide with vibration and the manifestation follows the vibration.

The YOU that is this eternal, emphatic, important, BIG vibration…

And there’s the you that’s sitting here in your body having whatever experience you’re having.

When you merge these two you’s, the power of that alignment is such that then you can’t miss what you seek.

We want it to be a mental, emotional, vibrational game you’re playing and let the universe orchestrate the circumstances and you use your action to enjoy what you’ve created through your alignment.”

– Abraham Hicks   ❤️  

Check out the awesome video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers to help you awaken the inner alchemist within you  

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