A Meditation To Raise Your Vibration

“Meditation is the closest process to quantum-leaping that we know.

Because deep breathing is a big part of your well being.

It is the current that carries the vitality to the cells.

And so, the more you are breathing, the more you are thriving.”Abraham Hicks

We all know that we should be meditating more, we’ve all heard of the benefits….it reduces stress, controls anxiety, promotes mental health and well being, even lowers blood pressure.

Yet many of us still struggle with making it a daily part of our routine.

We just can’t control the “chatter” in our minds.

And if we’re honest many of us don’t want to be alone with our mind and our thoughts.

That’s why we’re such a big fan of  “theta-state” meditations.

They aren’t guided, they just play soft, soothing music at specific frequencies designed to get you into a relaxed, positive state as quickly and easily as possible.

Check out the meditation below from our friends at Awakening Planet.

Just plug in some headphones and let it take you away 🎧🙏  

The great thing about these meditations is that they are visually amazing so you can watch them like a movie if you’re the type that is not great at closing their eyes and relaxing.

The trick is to watch the amazing natural scenes and feel the emotions you are wanting to foster in your life.

So feel grateful, at peace, happy, hopeful, excited.

If everything you wanted to manifest in your life had already done so, how would you feel as you walked through those trees or swam in that lake.

Give yourself the gift of cultivating these feelings, even if it’s just for just 15 minutes a day.

Remember, the universe doesn’t know or care if you are cultivating those emotions and vibrations because they are real or because you are imagining them.

It just matches like for like vibrations 👍

For more awesome meditations from awakening planet, checkout their Youtube Channel.









*Image by 3333873 on Pixabay*

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