How Your Past Can Help You Succeed

Sometimes it just seems that the baggage from our past is just so heavy that it keeps us from moving forward.

But what if everything we’ve been through in our past has really  been designed to help us to where we REALLY want to be and are supposed to be.

In this short video from The Secret’s John Assaraf, he shares how you, just like the pebble on the beach that has been bashed and pummelled by the faces of nature, are completely unique and perfect…..just as you are.

As John says in the video :

“Many of us feel that because of our wounds, gashes or holes, that we may not be loveable, we may not be perfect, we may not be beautiful, we many not be wanted.

And I couldn’t help but think that it’s exactly those wounds, those traumas to the rocks, that make them so beautiful.

And I just wanted to remind you that everything that has happened in your life has shaped who you are. The experiences you’ve had emotionally, the traumas, the highs, the lows, the good times, the challenging times, the stuff you’re proud of, the stuff you’re ashamed of….it’s all part of how beautiful you are.”

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