Why would you EVER focus upon the past ?!

Sometimes it feels like we are so stuck in the past that we can’t move on.

That whatever disappointment, experience or trauma we went through is so big and persuasive that we can’t stop looking at it.

If you find yourself looking backwards more than is good for you check out today’s quick quote.

It may just help put things in perspective 🙂

 “We are not big encouragers of past anything. Past life regression or even remembering this experience even as recently as yesterday, because there’s so much power, right here and now.

If we were standing in your physical shoes, our undivided attention would be upon the preparation of our emotional grid NOW.

“What can I do right now that is the most fun thought that I can have?”

“What is fun and full?”

“How can I love now? How can I feel good now?”

Our complete attention would be upon that, because in understanding the power of that point of attraction, then the details are just gonna fill in with a good moment now, and a good moment now, and a good moment now, until you can go through a day where everything that happened is just delicious.

Day after day of perfection in rendezvous, all available to you NOW!

Why would you EVER focus upon the past?!

The only reason would be because you’re not holding the space to allow the grid to fill in with what you want, so you’re reaching someplace else for something more interesting, or more satisfactory, or more satisfying.

Oh, that was so good.


It is the long hard path to try to unravel your issues.

And it is the short and immediate path, to just align with who you are.

The reason you don’t realize who you really are, is because you are so busy realizing who you have been.

You cannot go back to what was before.

Once the expansion has taken place, there is no satisfaction anywhere other than moving in the direction of that expansion.

And when you finally figure that out, life is blissful all the time.”  – Abraham Hicks


So try placing your attention on how you want to feel NOW for a while. You might enjoy the results 🙂


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