Law of Attraction Techniques

Some Powerful Law of Attraction Techniques

Here are some powerful law of attraction techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life that will help you take the message contained in “The Secret” and other LOA materials and make it stick.

Remember ……practice makes perfect!

These techniques are all from our favourite law of attraction teachers, Abraham-Hicks, although they probably wouldn’t claim that they invented meditation 🙂

If you are unfamiliar with Abraham Hicks below is a quick video introduction “Preparing For What You Want.”

This is one of my favourite law of attraction videos that gives a powerful yet simple tip and technique to find the essence of what you want and practise those feelings to create a “grid” that matches it.

Top Law of Attraction Techniques from Abraham Hicks


Possibly the number one technique that I would recommend to anyone wanting to apply the law of attraction more consciously in their life. It is simple and easy to do and just 15 minutes a day can bring immeasurable benefits.

“Even if you don’t get to those tingles, even if you don’t get to that place of where you are utterly aware that you are aligned, in every case, an effort at quieting your mind will move you up the emotional scale.  It just will.  It is the fastest way we know to get you into the state of allowing what you’ve already put into your vibrational escrow.  We would rather that you were in a chronic state of appreciation than meditation, because appreciation, there’s no resistance within you either.  But frankly, it’s easier to teach nearly every one of our physical friends to meditate than to find pure, positive thought.  It’s easier to quiet your mind, to put your brain on pause, than it is to take some subject that’s been bothering you your whole life and clear it.”Abraham Hicks

Also check out this article from our friends at on meditation manifestation.

Book of positive aspects

As simple as it sounds actually. Simply buy a notebook, title it “My Book of Positive Aspects” and then take different parts of your life. i.e. My Relationship and write all the positive aspects you can think of about your relationship.

Then on a new page take another aspect such as “My Career” and write all the positive aspects you can about your career. That’s it.


Focus wheel

As a law of attraction technique, the purpose of a focus wheel is to get you to focus in a more positive place and thus shift your point of attraction.

Essentially you take an issue you wish to shift your vibration about and take a piece of paper.

Then you write a small circle in the centre of the page and write in there what you want about a specific subject.

For example: I feel financially free.

Then you find a belief that you already hold about this subject that is positive, for example: I have had financial successes in the past.

You then write that around the edge of the circle in the centre.

Then you keep going and keep stretching a bit further each time so that by then end you resonate with the statement in the centre of the page.


Rampage of appreciation

Again pretty self-explanatory but a powerful law of attraction technique.

Take a subject that is easy to feel good about and ask yourself “what do I like about this?”

Then just write out all the reasons you appreciate this.

Abraham says that it’s best to write this out as when we write we focus in a more specific way than we do when we think or speak.


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