Law of Attraction Tips

Law of Attraction Tips

Here are some law of attraction tips that can help you integrate the message contained in “The Secret” and other law of attraction materials in your everyday life.

After all, the law of attraction offers a powerful message that really could change your life.

Ask yourself…..

“What if I really could have everything I wanted?

What if I could draw to myself the love of my life?

What if I could allow all the money I could ever want?”

If you aware of the law of attraction and The Secret and found that after a great period of initial excitement about the concepts and ideas you slipped back to your old way of thinking, you’re not alone.

In fact, it does seem a very common thread as we are so conditioned to focus on problems and on the negative side of things.

Here are some law of attraction tips that can help you to change those thought patterns and to get the law of attraction working for you with our friend Isabel Palacios’ 8 Tips For Manifesting.

3 Top Law of Attraction Tips From Abraham Hicks.

1. Start Early

Use this morning ritual for alignment to start your day off on the right foot:

“And if you will begin your day with this process: Take three pieces of paper, set a timer for 15 minutes, write at the top of the first sheet: TO BE. And write for one minute, only ONE minute, how you are wanting to FEEL.

“I want to feel joyful; I want to feel free; I want to feel inspired; I want to feel prosperous; I want to feel. . . whatever.”

One minute only. Then go to the second sheet, and for 7-8 minutes write: TO HAVE.

“I am wanting to have this relationship; I am wanting to have this house; I am wanting to have these shoes, this car. . . whatever, this body.” It doesn’t matter. Tangible or not tangible, write what you are wanting to have.

And then, on the third sheet, these things, for seven or eight minutes: WHAT I WILL DO TODAY. Once you have utilized this process for twenty or thirty, or so, days, you will discover that what is in your doing will harmonize with your state of being . . .”  

2. Delegate to your manager

See law of attraction as your own personal universal manager and delegate to it and then release all responsibility for doing it yourself. That’s what law of attraction is there for:

“ Make a list for the Universal staff:

   *Bring me ideas

   *Help me rendezvous with other like minded people

   *Help me be aware of my power

   *Guide me to thoughts that are in harmony with my core desires

   *Bring me evidence in how all this works in fun, comfortable, humorous, delicious ways

Make this statement, ponder this for three days.  Your life will be transformed.  You will recognize the unusual things that will come to you.”

3. Finish consciously

The end of your perfect day:

“ Before drifting off to sleep, we would set forth a thought, which is what we call prepaving, of pleasant anticipation of tomorrow. We would say something like, “Tomorrow will be a wonderful day.” And then we would try to find the feeling place of one of the most wonderful days we’d ever had. We’d try to find the feeling place of waking up and being glad to be alive and feeling happy about our physical life experience. We wouldn’t spend a lot of time on it because you don’t want to stimulate yourself into a lot of thought right before you’re trying to go to sleep. We would just try to generate the feeling of subtle, good feeling, peaceful, loving appreciation.” – Abraham Hicks

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