Abraham Hicks Meditation

Abraham Hicks Meditation Videos

Listening to an Abraham Hicks Meditation is a powerful daily exercise that can help you to create a life with more love, joy and abundance.

There are different meditations available that focus on specific life topics, such as financial well being, general well being, and general manifestation meditations.

These meditations are guided, and they walk you through the process of changing your thoughts and emotions in a way that will allow you to create the reality that you desire. The teachings of Abraham-Hicks are based on the idea that all experiences occur because of the thoughts that we have, so if we want to change our reality then we must first change our thoughts.

Abraham Hicks Meditation on YouTube

The guided meditation videos below are posted on YouTube, they are not mine and I don’t have the copyright for them, and they could be removed at any time, or maybe not, I don’t know.

Anyway, the videos are voiced by Esther Hicks, and there are 2 below, a financial well-being meditation and a general well-being meditation.

They each last about 15 minutes.

I recommend using headphones. Simply relax and count the beats on the music.

You will find that there is a 3 count in-breath on the music and a 5 count out breath, simply focus your mind on this.

So….In 1.2.3….Out….In 1.2.3

That’s it.


Getting The Most From The Abraham Hicks Meditation

These YouTube videos can be easily accessed on a computer, phone or tablet. The ease of access should allow you to implement these powerful meditation techniques into your daily life.

In order to effectively create the reality that you are striving to achieve, it’s important to make deep and lasting changes to your thoughts and emotions. The most effective way to make those changes is by using a guided meditation on a regular basis.

These Abraham Hicks meditations can help you to create alignment with the Source Energy, which will, in turn, help us to experience the joyful life that we want.

The Abraham Hicks teachings stress that alignment with Source is the most important thing we can do and that our reality is reflected by our alignment with Source. If we resist the connection, then life becomes more difficult. But, if we allow the connection to flow, then we will experience more abundance in our physical health, mental clarity, and relationships.

Everything is connected with the alignment, so focusing on the alignment will allow a person to work through all other problems that arise in life.

“I just wanna be.

I don´t wanna explain anything to anybody.

I don´t wanna explain where I´ve been.

I don´t wanna explain where I´m going.

I don´t want to explain how fast I´m getting there.

I just wanna BE.

It´s just me and the source within me, revelling in my physicalness,

right here and now.

Just me.

Just starting over, just me. Just starting over.

And tomorrow, it´ll be an easy day of unfolding.

The momentum will just increase.

Everything that comes to me,

everything that´s in my Vortex, and all that I have planned,

is now going to address me, and meet me, 

and rendezvous differently- 

now, that I have achieved this softened,

trusting, worthy-feeling-state-of-beingness.”Abraham Hicks

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