Eckhart Tolle Meditation

Eckhart Tolle Meditation

This Eckhart Tolle Meditation is┬ájust one of the tools that Eckhart has gifted to the world for it’s upliftment.

Through his books, meditations, seminars and television appearances millions of people having benefited from his teachings.

This guided meditation focuses on bringing our awareness back to the current moment.

As Eckhart says, at any moment, our minds are working through thoughts and running the same thought patterns over and over again.Usually, people are stuck in their own thoughts, and as a result they ignore the current moment. This process causes us to be disconnected, so we are essentially living our life without living IN our life.

Synching the mind and body is an effective way to decrease stress and get rid of negativity. The world can then be experienced without the filters that come from our past memories and thoughts. It allows us to be completely in the moment, and we are able to experience the present in its fullest form.

12 Minute Eckhart Tolle Meditation

The meditations from Eckhart provide a way to practice letting go of the past and future judgments. Instead of focusing on things that are out of our control, we can retrain our mind to let go and experience the current moment.

The best application of these meditations is to use them on a daily basis. Remember that it takes time to truly change thought patterns, so they much be practiced on an ongoing basis. Meditating onetime is not going to change your life. But, daily meditation practice can make a big difference on the reality that you are experiencing.

Here is a 12 minute meditation from Eckhart via Youtube.

Note: We do not own the copyrights to this video and it could be removed from Youtube at any time.

Benefits of The 12 Minute Guided Eckhart Tolle Meditation

In this 12 minute video, Eckhart helps you to understand the nature of awareness so that you can find natural freedom within yourself. It is the process of recognizing that thoughts moves through your mind, but you don’t have be drawn into the emotions that are associated with those thoughts. Too often, people associate their personality with the thoughts that are running through their mind, but thoughts are not who you are… and with practice you can change your thought patterns and literally change the experience that you are receiving in life.

Listen to this meditation each day. Find a quiet room where you can have time to yourself, to allow your thoughts to pass and you can move through the judgments that have been placed on those thought patterns. It is a process of learning to love yourself, and recognizing that negative thought patterns can be changed..

Understanding the concepts taught in his books The Power of Now and A New Earth will also allow you to more effectively use the meditation practices that are available.

The books and meditation go hand-in-hand, and together they are a dynamic combination to help you change your life.



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