Abraham Hicks YouTube

Abraham Hicks YouTube

The Abraham Hicks Youtube Channel shares many great videos relating to the law of attraction and how a person can create the life that they desire.

The teachings of Abraham Hicks were presented by Jerry and Esther Hicks, a husband and wife team, until Jerry’s passing in 2011. Esther now continues the work in seminars through out the U.S and across the globe.

They have published nine books, and six of those books have appeared on the New York Times best sellers list.

Check out their videos here.

The books have been published across the world in many different languages, and Jerry and Esther also teach people through workshops and videos.

There are numerous videos on their YouTube channel including meditations, and the videos are so popular that they get hundreds of thousands of views.

Below is one of the most popular videos The Only Manifestation That Matters.

Popular Abraham Hicks YouTube Videos

Some of the most popular videos on the Abraham Hicks channel include information about taking action on the law of attraction, to immediately make changes in your life. There are segments from seminars that have been recorded, and information relating specifically to difference areas in life such as money and relationships.

This is one of my favourite Abraham-Hicks videos featuring a guy who is having trouble marrying his work life with his spiritual life.

It’s only 2 minutes long but pretty much sums up the whole Abraham teachings šŸ™‚

There is a common theme in the YouTube videos, and that theme is that each person has the power and ability to create the existence that they desire. Through thoughts and emotions, the Universe responds to us to create the reality that we choose on a deep level.

The Abraham Hicks teachings are based on the idea that we are all living extensions of a non-physical realm. Our purpose is to experience joy, and the universe responds to the emotions that bring us joy. Every thought that occurs helps to create our reality, and anything that you can imagine can be possible through the law of attraction.

Abraham Hicks Youtube Channel – Uplifting & Inspiring Messages

Overall, the response to the Abraham Hicks YouTube videos has been overwhelmingly positive. There are many people who are avid followers of Jerry and Esther, and as a result many positive comments have been posted on the videos.

There are 79 videos total at the time of writing, which share a variety of information as well as testimonials from people who have attended the workshops. Many inspiring messages can be easily accessed by watching the videos online. The videos are very complimentary to the books that have been published by Jerry and Esther Hicks. For the best understanding of the law of attraction, it is a good idea to learn these principles in several media formats, which is why the videos are very complimentary to the information within the books.

If you are looking to apply the principles of the law of attraction in your life, thenĀ these YouTube videosĀ and books are a great way to help you start living the life that you would like to create.

“This is my time of chilling.

This is my time of re-aligning the energy of my source.

This is the time, when source takes over my apparatus.

This is the time when source is communicating with my cells.

This is the time, when source is resonating with the cells of my body.

This is the time of complete relaxation, for me.

This is the time of complete renewal for me.

This is the time, when my body renews itself.

This is the time when my vibration restores itself.

This is the time, that I push the reset-button.

This is the time, when I let all that has been, just subside.

This is the time, where I begin in a new vibration, that will really serve me.

This is the time, where I allow the momentum of my Vortex to beginĀ 

moving into my life-experience.

This is the turning point for me,

but not a turning-point that requires action!

In fact, itĀ“s the opposite.

It requires de-activation.

It requires re-laxing, it requires softening my vibration.

It requires letting myself be.

It requires trusting that all is well!

It requires letting the source within meĀ 

revel in that, which is me.

Anything like that, that you can say… donĀ“t you all wanna take a nap, now?” – Abraham Hicks

Check out some more quotes here.

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