Powerful Free Omharmonics Meditation Audio

Below is a powerful meditation from Omharmonics, a revolutionary new technology that lets you experience all the benefits of deep meditation in a matter of minutes.

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You will get a Free OmHarmonics Audio Track plus 8 advanced meditation lessons from Mindvalley, downloaded by 1.3 million subscribers.

You will receive a free complimentary download to try the OmHarmonics technology. This will acquaint you with binaural beats that alter your brain waves to a frequency associated with deep relaxation.

Plus 8 OmHarmonics lessons that will help you meditate like a master.

Lesson 1: Turning On Your Universal Souce Energy

Lesson 2: 4 Secrets to Staying Awake During Meditation

Lesson 3: Opening The Floodgates of Total Happiness

Lesson 4: 3 Master Tips to Blocking All Disruptive Thoughts

Lesson 5: Invoking The Immense Power of Visualization

Lesson 6: Using Visualization to Experience Magic in Life

Lesson 7: Setting Up The Right Intent So Life Obeys YOU

Lesson 8: A 6-Step Path to Clearing All Negative Charges

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