Meditation Takes Over Times Square

“Meditation more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I’ve had.” So says Ray Dalio, the founder of the world’s largest hedgefund firm Bridgewater Associates.

Or a little more colourfully, “I don’t do shit till I meditate” says Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam Records.

The benefit of meditation are becoming more well known as more and more prominent figures discover it and start discussing it’s benefits.

“It feels good. Kinda like when you have to shut your computer down, just sometimes when it goes crazy, you just shut it down and when you turn it on, it’s okay again. That’s what meditation is to me.” – Ellen DeGeneres

“Meditation is a lifelong gift. It’s something you can call on at any time. I think it’s a great thing.” – Paul McCartney

“The philosophies behind meditation are very current today and are a way of finding some sort of peace.” – Orlando Bloom

Below is the video of Mindvalley’s fantastic new meditation technology Omharmonics featured on the billboards at Times Square, New York.

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