How To Do Meditation

Want to learn how to do Meditation?

How to do meditation… Well sit down and breathe deeply for 10 minutes focusing on your breath is the short answer….but as human beings we like to make things complicated, don’t we 🙂

“Meditation really helps create not only a sense of balance… but serenity and kind of a calm state of mind.” – Eva Mendes

“It feels good. Kinda like when you have to shut your computer down, just sometimes when it goes crazy, you just shut it down and when you turn it on, it’s okay again. That’s what meditation is to me.” – Ellen Degeneres

There are actually many different types of meditation you can do, from simple breathing exercises to visualization and gratitude.

Below is the meditation that Mindvalley CEO Vishen Lakhiani personally uses every day that combines all of these in one method.

It’s quick and easy to listen to and do, and as it’s the number 1 thing that Vishen credits his success to ( and he took Mindvalley from his bedroom to one of the worlds biggest and most successful personal development companies ) I would say it’s a good place for you to start if you are looking to start a meditation practise.

You can also check out Vishen’s Omharmonics Meditation Technology for free here.

Some Tips on How To Do Meditation Right!

Find the Right Location

Find a nice place to meditate, somewhere calming, relaxed and quiet.

If you live somewhere warm then maybe find a space outside where you can feel the wind on your face and hear the birds in the distance. Goto a beach – the sounds of waves lapping against the shore will calm your mind and give you a natural rhythm to match.

If you can’t go outside to a park or a beach then find a space inside – in the corner of your room, or in the sitting room. Get a cushion or two and make the area nice and comfortable. Light some incense if you have some.

Set aside the time

Set aside enough time and make sure no one will interrupt you. 20 minutes is a common length of meditation, but 5 minutes will do.However long you choose – stick with it.

Get Comfortable

You don’t want any distractions, so get as comfortable as you can.

  • Put on baggy, loose fitting clothes. You don’t want tight trousers, itchy shirts or anything else distracting you during meditation.
  • Take your shoes off. Keep your socks on if it’s too cold, or go bare foot if weather permits!
  • Take care of bodily needs. Have a drink, make sure you aren’t hungry and go to the toilet if you need to.
  • Stretch your muscles. You’ll be able to sit for longer and there won’t be any straining muscles to distract you.
  • Turn off your phone!  This is incredibly important.  Meditation is a sanctuary where you are free from the phone constantly telling you about new email, Snapchat, or Facebook notification. You don’t want any distractions.
  • Use music. This is completely optional. Some people find it easier to meditate with relaxing music in the background.

Assume your position

  • A sitting position is best for beginners. This can either be cross legged on the floor or sat upright in a chair.
  • Use a cushion. If you’re sitting on the floor use a cushion to make your more comfortable.
  • Stay upright.  Whatever position you are in make sure you are rigid, but not tense. Pull your shoulders down and keep your back straight.
  • Do something with your hands. The typical position is to rest your hands in your lap, one on top of the other. Lightly touch your thumbs to each other to create a bridge. This is an entirely personal preference, so if it doesn’t feel right try another position.


Once you are comfortable and in position, you are ready to go:

  • Focus on your breathing. Focus on your breath and try to ignore all other thoughts.If you feel yourself drifting towards those thoughts stop and bring your attention back to your breathing.
  • Breathe deeply and purposefully. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine that your lungs are empty bags. Each breath in slowly fills up those bags with air, starting at the bottom and then working up to the top, like water filling up a glass. Fill those lungs all the way to the top, and then pause for a few seconds before slowly pushing all of the air back out through your mouth.
  • Quiet your mind. Breathe in, breathe out. That’s all you need to worry about. Try not to ‘think’ about anything, just breathe in and out. After a while, your thoughts will start drifting away.
  • Let go. Let go of your thoughts. It’s alright if you find this difficult at first, even the most experienced of meditators have trouble with this sometimes.
  • Keep at it. Keep at it for as long as you planned. Don’t give up after a few minutes saying “Oh this doesn’t work for me” set aside 10-15 minutes to begin with and see it out.


You should feel light and relaxed after your meditation. Drink plenty of water and enjoy that light general feeling for as long as you can before you start trying to solve problems again 🙂

If you had any difficulties focussing on your breathing or your visualization, don’t worry. One of the main problems people worry about when they want to learn how to do meditation is that they can’t quite their mind.

This is the same for everyone who starts a meditation practice.

Stick at it and slowly but surely it will become easier and easier.

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