It’s Natural For You To Prosper

“That highflying state is NATURAL!

That´s naturally who you will be, UNLESS you are doing something to hold the cork under the water.

It matters to know that!

Because, you don´t have to run around, trying to find things to feel good about.

Just stop looking for things to feel bad about!


The good stuff is dominant!

The good stuff is abundant.

The good stuff is natural, the good stuff is WHO YOU ARE.

It´s NATURAL for you, to prosper.

It´s NATURAL for you to feel good.

You just gotta stop doing “that thing”, that causes you to hold yourself in the non-receptive mode.

In the mode, where you can´t find the clue.

Where you can´t feel your way on this winding, fabulous, adventurous path of least resistance.” Abraham Hicks

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