You Are Ready To Receive

“You ARE ready to receive – IF you´d stop thinking so hard, and working so hard, and stop trying so hard, and stop talking so much and stop acting so much and responding so much!


If you´ll meditate! If you´ll get a massage! If you´ll take a long shower.

If you´ll take a walk in the park, if you´ll sit on the beach.

If you´ll ALLOW yourself… if you´ll accept your goodness, and your rightness, and your worthiness.

And stop trying so hard to prove and defend and rationalize, and justify.

If you´ll just let yourself BE, just for a little while!

What you´ve already BECOME, will occur to you!

Don´t those ideas FEEL GOOD?

When an idea comes to you, doesn´t it feel good?

Don´t you like this freshness:

“Oohhhhh, THAT´S what I want!!!! That´s what I want!!! That´s what I WANT!!!”

That fresh, wonderful feeling of that idea, that you received.

And now you´re off and running!

And if you can just accept, that now you are wanting to follow the inspiration!

Then you can live in the sweet spot the majority of the time!

A little contrast puts some more stuff in there, Law of Attraction mixes it all up – you get in the receiving mode, and off you go.

Sleep more. Rest more. Be nicer to yourself.

Look for more things that feel good.

Do anything and everything that you can do, to get into the receptive mode.

Because the Universe knows where you are!

The Universe will guide you, over and under and around and through ANY resistance that´s between you and the full fruition of what you want.” Abraham Hicks

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