Abundance Meditation

“There is abundance beyond your wildest dreams available to you.

And you don’t have to figure out all of the details. You just have to go along with the flow of life that you are constantly in the state of becoming. You just have to stop arguing for your limitations and start believing in the wellbeing that is the natural basis of your being, you see.

You just need to accept that you are the worthy being and that Source has you in its sights.

And that you have lived a magnificent life and all of that life has caused you to tell the Universe what you want.

And the Universe has a clearer picture of who you are and what you want than you will ever have.

You don’t have to figure it out or articulate it, you just have to get happy and let who you are be.” – Abraham Hicks

Sometimes even with all that we have come to know about the law of attraction it can still be hard for us to accept that we are naturally worthy of good things.

That abundance is supposed to be our natural state.

Bob Proctor is one of the most sought-after leaders in professional coaching and business seminars, and was one of the featured Teachers in The Secret below.

He has taught thousands of people worldwide on how to shift their consciousness in order to create fulfilling relationships, successful careers and financial stability.

Let Bob walk you through this wonderful meditation that will open you to the happiness, love and abundance you deserve.

One of Bob’s co-teachers from The Secret Joe Vitale has teamed up with our friend Katherine Hurst to share one of their eBooks, Awakening to Abundance below.

Katherine runs the world’s largest Law of Attraction community, and she’s constantly in touch with its members, helping them to figure out the best ways to manifest their intentions.

You can download it for free here.

It’s not a long read but it will help you:

– Define what abundance really means to you.
– Learn how to maintain an abundant mindset at all times.
– Recognize the value of community in attracting abundance.
– And much more.

I can’t stress enough how surprised I was with the insights I got out of this one-afternoon-read.

Find out for yourself, and let us know what’s your biggest take-away after reading Awakening to Abundance: Unlocking Your Health, Wealth & Happiness.


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  1. Excellent… I’m going to practice staying in the Positive flow of Well Being more!! I’ve post d Affirmations around my house!! I’ve given out the I promise myself print out from the secret to 100’s Of students & people I Encounter! I believe just need to focus on the positive more!


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