The Key To Effortless Manifestation

“So there are a few things that it is our desire to help you reconfirm within yourselves today. First, it would be nice if you could accept the existence of this vortex of creation.  And, it would be even nicer if you could see it as we see it, as your present tense of creation.” … Read more

Train Your Brain For Abundance

“In life you don’t get what you want, you get what you picture” – Wesley Virgin. We all know that our success when it comes to the law of attraction depends on the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel. Yet we still see so many people that have no control over their own … Read more

The Universe Will Give You What You Want

“At the moment we live in two places, we live in Buffalo New York and we also live in Puerto Rico and I want to live in Puerto Rico more. I want to feel the sun every day for a year, and experience that because I’ve mostly always lived in Buffalo…..” Check out the video … Read more

The Millionaire “Brainswitch” Method

Over the last few days we’ve sent you some pretty cool free tools from our friend doctor Steve G Jones to help you increase the flow of wealth in your life. If you missed them you can get the free e-book here and wealth awakening hypnosis meditation here. Today Tuesday, July 23rd we’re running a … Read more

“Wealth Awakening” Hypnosis Meditation

We’ve all heard about the benefits of meditation and we all know that we should be meditating ( probably more than we actually do lol ) But one of the problems many of us encounter is that we just can’t turn the noise down in our minds. The chatter seems to be never ending and … Read more

Wealth Brain: Less Stress. More Money. One Plan

Let’s be honest, a simple plan to less stress and more money would be pretty helpful to all of us 😀 To help you along our friend Dr Steve G Jones ( you may have seen him on tv as the author of “You Can Attract It”)  just released a really inspirational (and valuable) e-book, and … Read more

Abundance Is Flowing To You Constantly

“Do your desires feel good to you when you think about them ? That’s a good thing isn’t it. That means you are not contradicting them with beliefs that are different. When you want it ….. BUT ! That desire is not as pleasant as when you want it …. AND ! I want this … Read more

Enjoy Your Journey

“These are the questions we have for you…. Do you believe that everything you’ve asked for has either manifested or is in the vortex in some degree of unfolding ? Here’s the next question …… so these things that are in the vortex that are in the process of unfolding, are you satisfied with them … Read more

The Enormous Value of Virtual Reality

“As you deliberately conjure, and you get better and better at it, you’ll get so good at picking a scene, you’ll get so… you can tell which scene’s work best for you. Outside or inside. You’ll get so, you can tell which people to bring in first. You’ll get so, you can tell what time … Read more

Your True Work

“Do you understand that the law of attraction is the manager of the universe ? And that you get what you think about whether you want it or not ? And that your true work is your managing of your own vibrational point of attraction, which is made up of the thoughts you think, and … Read more