Life Is Here For Us

“Life is here for us. It’s here for us and it’s here to support us in every way. But what we give out we get back.”  – Louise Hay 🙏  🌏  ❤️  💫 Check out the video below on attracting the life you want from the amazing Louise Hay. What do the world’s top CEO’s, Olympians and elite Military Units … Read more

Figure Out How It Feels

“There is more power in “isn’t that pretty?” than there is in “I’ve set goals and I’m going to make it happen.” There’s more power in “isn’t that beautiful?!” Your job is NOT to figure out how it will come! Your job is to figure out how it feels, AS IT´S HERE! Get really general. … Read more

What’s Your “Archetype” ?

Do you know which archetype best describes your personality? These “mythical characters” symbolise the core of our basic human emotions. Most of us have multiple archetypes, but one will almost always dominate the others. In other words, this is the route to finding out who you really are… Click here to see if you are … Read more

Just Let It Be

“It´s like a willingness to think no thoughts. A willingness, to carve out time to do nothing. A worthiness to not need to be productive. A worthiness to just BE. A worthiness to just allow source to wrap around you, and a worthiness to just BE. A willingness to not need to be active. A … Read more

Ignore Reality To Change It ?

“Facing reality just regurgitates reality. Now there’s plenty of reality that you want to keep replicated in your life experience, but you want to learn to be a more selective sifter. “ – Abraham Hicks  🌏  ❤️ 💫  🙏  With all the chaos and confusion and negativity placed right in our face and seemingly demanding our attention at … Read more

Your Free “Abundance Type” Quiz

“So in order to give you an idea of the power of the thought, 17 seconds of pure thought is the ignition point of manifesting. If you hold a thought for 17 seconds, you set in motion that manifestation. We would say to you that there is an energy extension that is equivalent to about 2000 … Read more

Take Control Of Your Vibration

When it comes to the law of attraction we would all like to know what our level of vibration is. After all the higher we are vibrating the more in alignment we are with the kind of life we want. Abundance, Prosperity, Joy, Love, Vitality ….. These are all high vibrational states of being. And … Read more

How Can We Help ?

Hello and welcome to My name is Rich Paylor and I am the owner and operator of the site. After working in online marketing for 15 years I created this site around 5 years ago as a bit of a labor of love to share some of my favorite law of attraction teachings and … Read more

The Knowledge of Lost Civilisations

“There is nothing on earth that you can not have once you have mentally accepted the fact that you can have it.” – Robert Collier 🌏  ❤️ 💫   What does the ancient knowledge of Iraq, Egypt, lost civilisations, parallel universes and multiple dimensions have to do with us and modern manifestation techniques ? How does a 6,000 … Read more

Do This For 68 Seconds

“We say that when you hold a thought for 17 seconds , only 17 seconds, another thought that is vibrationally same joins that. Which makes that now a more powerful, more attractive thought. And when you hold that thought for 17 seconds, another thought is joined. Until after 68 seconds, which is is just a … Read more