What It’s All About

“You are the beloved, blessed, clear minded, deliberate creative being that has put it all there and is now discovering how to allow more of it. Never on this planet have there ever been so many people who are aware of the fine nuances of deliberate creation. And therefore never have there been so many … Read more

The Challenge Causes You To Focus

“The challenge causes you to focus. The challenge causes you to feel. Every challenge or problem there’s another end of the stick that you can’t see while you’re focused upon the problem. But as you relax and breathe the problem away you’re left with the other end of the stick. So lots of times the … Read more

The Rule Of Thumb

“You can tell by the way you feel whether you are in the receiving mode or not. If we could make this point so you would really get it that … You’ve done the work and your inner being and law of attraction are already gathering up co-operative components and all that is necessary now … Read more

The Path To Joy

“We are all vibrational beings. We are appreciating your willingness to come and play with us. We are appreciating your willingness to be in your physical body in this very important time, in this very extraordinary space. In your life, in this world at this time. You are shooting off rockets of desire like never … Read more

The Whole Of You

“You can’t ask a question and receive the answer at the same time. You can’t be the question and be the answer. You can’t be the problem and be the solution.  As you keep beating the drum of ….. I want to be better. I want to be better. I want to be better. You’re … Read more

The Why Of It

“We encourage you to let it be a mood building experience rather than a thought directing experience. It’ll be easier to do. If you get to the heart of what you want and why you want it, and focus upon the why of it, rather than on the specifics of it, you’re more likely to … Read more

The Real YOU

“The way you make your path undeniable is by feeling for it on an emotional basis more than thinking for it. You are where you are. You can be hopeful or you can be fearful. So when you separate the reality of what is happening from your mood or attitude about it, now you begin … Read more

The More You Appreciate

“The more I appreciate the more comes to me. The more I make peace with where I am and the more I appreciate whatever I give my attention to.” But for most people that sounds so simplistic there just has to be more. It is exhilarating to stand in a place where you know what … Read more

Your Leverage

“If you will leave with this word in your mind. Leverage. We’re speaking for you now …. “I am going to experience the leverage, the advantage, the power, utilizing the energy that creates worlds. I am going to do the energy work first, and then I’m going to follow my joyful impulse to the action … Read more

What You Want Wants You

“Your angst can only grind so much into place and it’s not that great. Let it go and find out what true leverage is. And no, you can never ever, ever, ever, ever EVER let go of your desire. You cannot let go of your desire. You know why ? Your inner being is all … Read more