It’s About Loving Yourself More

“So, creation really is more about loving yourself. It’s more about feeling your worthiness; it’s more about appreciating a friend; it’s more about enjoying the sunset; it’s more about enjoying the beautiful flowers. It’s more about finding reasons to relax into Well-Being, rather than gather up your strength and valiantly go forth to achieve your tasks, and … Read more

The Power of Spiritual Fitness

When it comes to taking care of our physical bodies, we all know what to do. We groom ourselves and brush our teeth to maintain our hygiene. We consume healthy foods and get good nutrition to fuel our bodies for the day. We go to the gym and exercise to improve our overall physical fitness. … Read more

Find a Way to Feel It

“So, it’s a feeling thing. This is the work. In other words, find some way to feel it. Because, it must be annoying to you when we say, “Well, the emotion is the manifestation, so go get that emotion.” And you say, “Well, I can no more go get the emotion than I can go … Read more

Why Worrying is a Wasted Emotion

Worry… We all feel it to some degree every day. Whether it’s worrying about ourselves, work, career, family or friends. Some would even say that a certain amount of worry is good for us, after all it keeps us away from certain dangerous situations. But if you let worry take a hold of you and … Read more

What It’s About

“It’s being nicer about this. It’s being freer about this. It’s smiling more about this. It’s about loving this one more. It’s about letting go of that grudge. It’s about forgetting that embarrassing moment. It’s about activating the things about you and about others that feel good when you do it. It’s about giving yourself … Read more

A New Level of Appreciating Yourself

Check out this awesome law of attraction video from Abraham-Hicks, the opening monologue from the 2017 French Riviera cruise, and get ready for a whole new level of appreciating yourself 🙂 “It is our expectation that you will find a new level of appreciating yourself. That you will come to recognize the perfection – not … Read more