When You Know It

“No matter how much you want, if instead of moving through time knowing and expecting, you are moving through time tentatively, hopefully, doubtfully, then your creation moves through time with you. It keeps eluding you. But when you know it is there, it moves towards you. And the time between your launching in creation in … Read more

Get Happy In Any Way You Can

“Have we made our explanation too complicated ? We want to give our words to you in an easier to remember format. GET HAPPY ! In any way you can. Do anything that you can do to get happy. Get happy in your mind. Find a way to make such peace with where you are … Read more

Who Are You ?

“You never said, “I will come forth and go it alone.” You always said, “I will come forth and allow that which is Source to demonstrate… through me! I will be Source Energy in physical form. In fact, I will be Me.” So, who are you? Who are you? Well, we’re going to tell you… … Read more

It Would Be Instant Manifestation

“You live in a pulsating, vibrating Universe of advanced harmonics. Everything that exists, in your air, in your dirt, in your water, and in your bodies, is vibration in motion. And all of it is managed by the powerful Law of Attraction. There is nothing that exists outside of this vibrational nature, and as you … Read more

The Amazing You

“We want you to remember and, maybe, re-discover the very important role you play, in this leading-edge-translation-of all-that-is!!! Humans want to separate themselves! You want God to be something outside of you, for the most part. And you want to be something that is subservient, to that! You want to do the right things, so … Read more

Happily Ever After

“THIS is the recipe for HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready IS living happily ever after. Don´t ask for more than you´re ready for, and be SATISFIED with what you´re ready for. THAT´S living happily ever after.”  – Abraham Hicks 🙏  🌏  ❤️  💫 If you’d like a bit … Read more

At One With The Universe

“Someone who takes the time to understand their relationship with Source, who actively seeks alignment with their Broader Perspective, who deliberately seeks and finds alignment with who-they-really-are, is more charismatic, more attractive, more effective, and more powerful than a group of millions who have not achieved that alignment.”  – Abraham Hicks  ❤️     P.S. Have you … Read more