Look At The Easy Things

“We’re going to make a very strong statement, but we’re saying this to you because we want you to sharpen your skills of creation because you’re ready to do that….

“You can’t get to the manifestation that you want given the vibration that you’re offering.”

What is the piece that you’ve got to do ?

You’ve got to allow it.

You’ve got to get yourself into the receiving mode.

Which means you’ve got to be happy anyway.

You’ve got to be lighter about it.

But how do you be lighter about something that you’re heavy about ?

The subject has to be your happiness.

Disappointment is not an emotion you want to foster.

Disappointing stories are not the stories you want to tell.

Disappointments take you into the past where you have no power.

Optimism takes you into the now and into the future where all of your power is.

Law of attraction 101.

Look at the easy things.

Look at the things that are easy to feel good about.

Don’t you love knowing that you could pick any easy subject and get ready for the one that matters the most ?

Don’t you love knowing that you could think about the easiest thing in he whole world that makes you happy and that’s all the work you’ve got to do to get ready for everything that you want.

Everything that life has shown you that you want.

This is the nugget that you’re looking for.”

– Abraham Hicks    ❤️

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*Image by Nickolett Emmert on Pixabay*

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