Manifest Your Destiny

Have you ever heard the expression …. “A butterfly flapping its wings in China, caused a hurricane in America” ? Or Australia, or England, the country doesn’t really matter  😀 The idea is simple. The actions you set in motion today have impacts in the future, or even bigger consequences. Like pushing a snowball down … Read more

What’s Your Work ?

” You must understand, that this is a vibrational countenance that you are achieving. On the one hand, it is… “I wanna be clear, I wanna have money, I wanna be good this way, I wanna do this…” Of course, those are all things that you want. And we want to blur all of this … Read more

All Your Power Is NOW

“All of your power is NOW! NOW! This is your point of attraction. NOW. Do you know that here you are and everything is actualizing around you, NOW? So here you are in your NOW and everything is actualizing around your Now. So your future experience that you are going to walk into is actually … Read more

The Solution Is Huge

“Right now we are feeling such a strong urge to say to you … Chill Out. Chill Out. Take it easy. The situation is temporary. The solution is HUGE. And the benefit to you is long lasting.”  – Abraham Hicks  💫🌏✨ Is it still possible to manifest health and wealth whilst the world feels like it’s falling … Read more

Clear Your Mind. Heal

“In your physical environment where you are interpreting vibration through your physical sense, the most resonant vibration is that of sound. Music is an easy way to get to where you want to be.”  – Abraham Hicks  💫🌏✨✅ Some of you may be aware that this track has recently become quite famous 😉 Get the full playlist … Read more

More Time. More Freedom. More Life

“The market has dropped because this is the very first social media driven health fear we’ve ever had. The market has dropped by $10 Trillion for a potential economic impact of just $500 billion – $1 Trillion. That means the market has overreacted to the tune of 10x to 20x. This is a huge profit … Read more

Creation Leans Forwards

“CREATION leans forwards. Creation leans into the not-yet-manifested, but the expected. Creation is about optimism, it´s about eagerness. It´s about passion. It´s about what COULD be, not about what IS, you see! You can celebrate when your heart shifts, when your joy shifts. And really, that should not be hard to understand. Whether it is … Read more

The Manifestation Must Come

“You want to be HAPPY. And if you will stop attaching the WHY you are happy to the things you think you need to manifest before you can BE happy, and discover that you can focus yourself into being happy anyway… THEN… THEN the manifestation MUST come. Then the manifestation MUST come ! Manifestation of … Read more

Is It “Reality” ?

“Facers of reality do NOT CHANGE the reality, that they are facing! YOU LEARNED TO FACE REALITY BEFORE YOU KNEW YOU WERE CREATING REALITY!” Now that’s worth thinking about! You were taught to face reality before you knew you were creating reality. Everything that you see is illusionary, anyway. And the illusion can be whatever … Read more

How To “Own America” & Come Out Of The Corona Crash Stronger Than Ever

“By periodically investing in an index fund, the know – nothing investors can actually outperform most investment professionals. A low-cost index fund is the most sensible equity investment for the great majority of investors. My mentor, Ben Graham, took this position may years ago, and everything I have seen since convinces me of it’s truth.” – … Read more