The Universe Is On The Job

“Do you feel blessed enough to let yourself feel good ? You can trust the non-physical in the sky. You can trust your non physical counterpart. You can trust the worthiness of your being. You can trust the blessedness of your being. You can trust that things are working out for you. You can just … Read more

Good Morning Meditation

“It’s a good morning. This is a good morning. A really good morning. This is a new morning. This is a new day. This is a new vibrational point of attraction. This is a new beginning. This is me choosing my vibrations more deliberately. This is me in this good morning being aware of the … Read more

Feel It’s Done

“Sometimes you don’t recognise that it is done so you’re still in that “I want it” phase. If you will tune yourself to the vibrational reality of this creation that has already occurred then, in finding that vibrational resonance with it, the details of your creation, your already done creation,  your already done creation that … Read more

Train Yourself Into Fun

“Something has made you believe that it’s your job to get in the middle of everything, even things you don’t don’t understand and you know what ( we love you so much 😆  ) ……. you don’t understand hardly anything ! It’s not your job to know how law of attraction works. It’s only your job … Read more

General Well Being

“The power of the vortex does the work. No rush in it just slow it down. Let it come naturally to you. Not trying to have a teaching moment or an understanding moment. Just acknowledging the okayness of just being.”  – Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫 Fancy a quick and easy way into the vortex with some soothing … Read more

Practice An Expectation That Pleases You

“Everybody’s creating their own reality but you know what THE factor is in the reality that you’re creating ? Your expectation. Can you imagine if you could tell the story that your inner being knows until you own it. Until you feel it’s your story. Your expectation is your point of attraction. And you can … Read more

Time You Give Up The Struggle

“This is sort of an orientation, a re-orientation, about who you are. We would like to convince you that you are so worthy and everything that you want can and is flowing to you. But your worry is what’s holding it up. If you are able to allow your vibrational frequency to rise, because you … Read more