This One Mantra

“Things are always working out for me. That’s an affirmation worth making. Things are always working out for me. Do you believe it ? Things are always working out for me. Taking their damn sweet time sometimes ( lol ) Things are always working out for me. So, if that statement’s too strong then say … Read more

The Three Keys To Transformative Learning

The Ultimate Framework To Transform Your Mind, Body and Relationships Upgrade Your Self-Identity Making Success Your Default Mindset Through Transformational Learning Join our friend Vishen Lakhiani in this FREE masterclass as he dives deep into the core principles he’s learned that will insert life-changing personal growth into your day-to-day living so you can live the … Read more

Just Being Happy Won Him The Lottery

“Manifestation is fun isn’t it. But if you can win the vibrational lottery. The emotional lottery. Which you can do with ease right now. And you win it again, and you win it again, and you win it again, because it’s under your control. It’s not about anything other than you and you and you … Read more

It Will Come When You Least Expect It

“Let’s say you have four things that you want that are important to you and now you’ve been listening to us and we’ve convinced you that you’ve put all of those requests into the vortex and that source and law of attraction have lined them all up and so they’re ripe and ready to be … Read more

Drink More Water

“Drink much more water than you are accustomed to drinking, and let it be 90% of the liquids you consume…When you drink a lot of water – every function of your body works more efficiently.” Every cell of your body, which is mostly water, will benefit because the energy transmission of your body is effected. … Read more

It’s Time To Give Up The Struggle

“If we can convince you to take a more general view of things. If you are able to quiet your mind like you do in meditation. Or if you are able to just let your mind wander into good feeling places like you do in daydreaming. If you are able to allow your vibrational frequency … Read more

It Will Come In Avalanches

“My emotions mean everything to me. Because my emotion is my indicator of my alignment with my power , or not. My alignment with that leverage or not.  As you cater for just a little while to the emotions that feel good to you, you will practise a vibration that allows this energy that creates … Read more

Expect Good Things To Happen

“Be a Vibrational Snob who just expects things to happen because you’ve felt your way into the being of them and you know that deservability was never an issue, and that you were so loved when you came.” – Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌎 ❤️ 💫  Check out the powerful quick video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers “ Be … Read more

Sacred Sound Healing

Have you ever heard of the Solfeggio frequencies ? They are nine tones derived from numerology that were used centuries ago by ancient civilisations as sacred healing sounds. The different frequencies were used for liberation from negative feelings, miracles and DNA repair, transformation and fixing of broken situations and relationships and spiritual enlightenment. Well our … Read more

It’s Right Around The Corner

“We want you to realise that right around the corner is everything you want. They key to every closed door really is right around the corner. But you’ve got to be in the place of allowing that to happen. There is always someone right around the corner with the key. Always, always, always, always, always, … Read more