Your Important Place

“You can not have an emotion yesterday. You can remember that emotion that you had yesterday, when yesterday was NOW. And you can not have an emotion tomorrow. You can anticipate an emotion, that you will have tomorrow, but you’re doing it now. So, ALL of your indication is now, now, now, now, now- ABOUT … Read more

You’ve Done The Work

“The thing that we want you to understand is, through all this sorting and sifting, you have done all the asking. You have made all the decisions, one at a time, and they’re all in your vortex and they’re all queued up. You’ve done the work. Now your work is to play on the beach. … Read more

Train Your Brain For Abundance

“In life you don’t get what you want, you get what you picture” – Wesley Virgin. We all know that our success when it comes to the law of attraction depends on the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel. Yet we still see so many people that have no control over their own … Read more

Have Fun

 “All is well, and you will never get it done. Life is supposed to be fun. No one is taking score of any kind, and if you will stop taking score so much, you will feel a whole lot better — and as you feel a whole lot better, more of the things that you … Read more

The Basis of Success

“Many think success means getting everything I want. And we say, that’s what dead is, and there is no such thing as that kind of dead. Success is not being done; not being complete. Success is still dreaming and feeling positive in the unfolding. There are NO MISTAKES, there are just opportunities for greater, and … Read more

Everything Is Focus

“Things are as real as you focus them to be. Everything is as you focus it to be. The power of your mind is so much more than you know! You are able to focus other than the traditional way. And as you do this, your world and those close to you, are experiencing the … Read more

Manifest Abundance While You Sleep ?

“You’ve come to this juncture in your life, merely because something in you kept saying, “You deserve to be happy.” You were born to add something, to add value to this world. To simply be something, bigger and better than you were yesterday.” ― Rhonda Byrne, The Secret Imagine being able to slip on a … Read more

Manifest Abundance While You Sleep ?

Imagine being able to slip on a pair of headphones and have your frequency and vibration automatically and effortlessly raised to match abundance and prosperity. Whilst subliminally implanting your subconscious with powerful new beliefs that allow the things you really want in your life to be drawn to you…… Watch this video from our friend … Read more

Rampage Of Invincibility

“You keep saying you can be, do or have anything you want. Can you give us a rampage of invincibility so that I feel invincible.” Check out the video below with Abraham-Hicks telling the gentleman in the hotseat how to believe in your invincibility 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫  How Would You Like To Work Together To Take Care … Read more