It’s Light Touch

“You are used to make things happen, through action, and effort and work and focus. And you accomplish a lot, in that way. But now you are engaged with the energy that creates worlds, and there is a power, and an influence, and a leverage in that kind of energy, that is intoxicatingly fabulous…. But … Read more

Welcome To The Secret Law of Attraction

Thank you so much for following us, it’s great to see you here  🙏  🌏  ❤️  If we haven’t followed you back yet give it a bit of time, we get a fair few requests a day so we will get to it. If we haven’t followed you back in a couple of days just give us a … Read more

The Genius of Einstein

By any measure you care to mention it’s pretty clear that Albert Einstein was a genius. His work developing the theory of relativity and his E=mc2 formula ( dubbed the world’s most famous equation ) have had as profound an effect on the human race as anything in our history. Literally changing the way we … Read more