Joy is The Journey

Happy Monday. Hope you’ve had an awesome weekend and an even better week ahead. Got a great quick quote for you today all about remembering to put some joy into your week 🙂    “Joy is the journey. Where the YOU that is energy meets the you that is physical and energy. The comfort in … Read more

Spiritual or Successful ?

This is one of our favourite ever law of attraction videos from Abraham Hicks ….. and it’s only 2 minutes long 🙂 Abraham is talking to a gentleman in the hot seat who is having trouble marrying his spiritual side up with his business. As he says : “I have cognitive dissonance between the world of … Read more

Your New Story About Money

Tell the story the way you want it to be…. “I don´t think money is the path to all happiness, but I don´t think it´s the way to evil, either! I think it´s the path to freedom! I think, that within more money, there are more choices! And in more choices, there is more fun. … Read more

Aligning With Abundance and your “Veritable Fortune”

Abundance. Prosperity. Money. We are all affected day to day by how well we are attracting or resisting it’s flow in our lives. Below is a great video from our favourite law of attraction teachers Abraham-Hicks all about financial abundance and allowing our “veritable fortune.” Why spiritually + science = wealth and success (new free … Read more

Celebrities Talk “Law of Attraction”

Check out this video of celebrities such as Denzel Washington, Richard Gere, Jim Carrey and Steve Harvey talking “the law of attraction.” It’s a pretty good one 🙂 “Gratitude is a powerful process. The only way to move to the next level is you much show gratitude for where you are.If you show gratitude, it … Read more

How To Manifest Abundance in 24 Hours or Less ?

Imagine being able to slip on a pair of headphones and have your frequency and vibration automatically and effortlessly raised to match abundance and prosperity. Whilst subliminally implanting your subconscious with powerful new beliefs that allow the things you really want in your life to be drawn to you…… Watch this video from our friend … Read more

The Pursuit of Joy

“The reason that the pursuit of joy, or as some have said in such perfect words, following your bliss, is so valuable, is that when you are looking for the thought, word or action that feels joyful–what you are actually doing is holding yourself in vibrational harmony with Source Energy. Holding yourself in a place … Read more