Receive The Flow

“Instead of worrying about where it’s gonna be, when it’s gonna be, who’s gonna bring it, where it’s gonna come from, how long it’s going to last, how big it’s gonna be…. When you ask those questions that make you wobble, then you don’t do either one of these two things: You don’t hook up … Read more

Get Into Alignment

 Your emotion, your indicator of vibration, is indicating the ratio between your currently focused desire and any other belief or thought that you hold about same. And things are coming into your experience in response to your vibration. Your vibration is offered because of the thoughts you are thinking, and you can tell by the way … Read more

Choose Your Free Gifts

Thank you so much for following us, it’s much appreciated. If we haven’t followed you back yet give it a bit of time, we get a fair few requests a day so we will get to it. Firstly there is a free law of attraction toolkit for you to download on the right if you’d … Read more

Create A Vibration Of Well Being

“We REALLY WANT YOU to come to the place where you expect well-being to be yours… And you line up, with it on subjects of earthquakes and subjects of tsunamis, and subjects of hurricanes and subjects of cancer and subjects of not enough money. You line up on it on every subject that you have … Read more