Sexual Energy and Spiritual Energy

“Sexual Energy and Spiritual Energy are identical Energy. When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on – that’s the “turned on”. When Source Energy flows through you, it flows through you. You cannot separate one from the other.” – Abraham Hicks One thing many of us have been trained to believe is that sexuality and spirituality … Read more

Tantra: “The Art Of Sacred Sexuality”

World-renowned sexuality and intimacy coach Psalm Isadora’s  amazing Masterclass at Mindvalley Academy on The Ancient Art of Tantra is available to view here. You’ll get trained in FOUR powerful techniques — based on 5,000-year-old secrets — to take your relationship and intimacy levels to the next level. Unfortunately Psalm has recently passed away but the recording is still available for … Read more

Breaking Past The Taboos Of Sex And Intimacy

In this short talk filmed at Mindvalley’s “Awesomeness-Fest”, sexuality and intimacy coach, Psalm Isadora explains why having healthier beliefs around sex can help us connect more intimately with both ourselves and the people around us. And through her K.I.S.S. meditation technique, you’ll learn how to create deeper and more meaningful connections with your partner and … Read more

A Powerful Heart Meditation To Increase Intimacy

In this video,sexuality and intimacy coach Psalm Isadora teaches a beautiful meditation to help open your heart, increase your connection and to let go… so that you can invite true intimacy and love into your life. Unfortunately Psalm has recently passed away but the recording of her incredible Masterclass at Mindvalley Academy on The Ancient … Read more